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Ergonomics 101

‘’Ergonomic Computer Workstation’’

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a definition related to providing comfort and efficient use in interaction with all products included in human use.

What is Ergonomic Work?

The most important factor to protect our physical health during the working process is the choice of comfortable working furniture. You can make your working environment enjoyable with Humanscale work furniture designed to minimize the negative effects of working in the same position for a long time.

Installing interfaces with ergonomic guidelines and maintaining good posture will increase your comfort and efficiency as well as prevent repetitive stress injuries. Poor posture, lack of proper equipment, and incorrect ergonomic information are all factors that cause an improper computer setup.

You can prevent posture disturbance by adjusting the height and distance of your monitor with Humanscale products that you will reach suitable workstations. You can easily make with your workstation and get a comfortable working experience, with these adjustments.

Working Opportunity Suitable for Your Ergonomics with Humanscale QuickStand Computer Workstations…

You can get a convenient and ergonomic working experience while sitting or standing with the height-adjustable Quickstand workstation; You can transform practically for both uses. It allows you to put the screen and keyboard at the correct height and allows you to place it in an ergonomically correct position.


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