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Freedom Working Chair Miso Bizon Leather

Seat Width: 690mm (27.25″)
Cushion Width: 635mm (25″)
Height: 510mm (20″)
Weight: 17kg (38 lbs) with armrest / 15.5kg (34 lbs) without armrest

User Weight: 136 Kg. / max
User Height: 190 cm.
Upholstery: Bison Leather
Hardware: Graphite
Wheel: Standard Wheel


Designed to integrate effortlessly into modern offices, Freedom Task Office Chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use.

Created by Niels Diffrient and won more than 10 design awards, the Freedom Task Study Chair uses the laws of physics and the occupant’s body weight to provide immediate and tailored support to each user. This perfect “weight-sensitive” balance allows the user to move effortlessly and at the same time fully supports in any sitting position. As a result, it provides users with a healthier and more comfortable sitting experience by changing their posture frequently.

The Freedom Task Study Chair is revolutionizing the way people sit. With its weight-sensitive recline and simultaneously adjustable armrests, it sets new standards for performance and functionality. With a foam backrest shaped to fit the contours of the human body and a thick cushion for long-lasting comfort, it provides a customized ergonomic fit for each user.


The body-conforming lines of the Freedom Task Work Chair ensure that the user is comfortable all day long. Seat cushions are built to maximize comfort for four hours instead of the industry standard four minutes.


The Freedom Task Work Chair’s smart recline mechanism automatically provides tailored support for each user, encouraging healthy and spontaneous movement throughout the day. Without the inconvenient buttons, levers and manual adjustments, the Freedom Task Study Chair makes active sitting effortlessly.


The Freedom Task Work Chair’s revolutionary design in back support allows it to automatically rotate to meet the changing needs of the spine. Synchronized armrests stay with the user while recline for continued support and comfort.