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Modular Emergency Floor for Refugees

Over the past years, millions of people have become refugees as a result of conflict and natural disasters. Most of them continued their lives under difficult conditions, moving to temporary camps, tent-like structures that barely protected them and their families. The often ungrounded camp conditions have led to health problems, making refugees susceptible to parasitic infections, flash floods, waterborne illnesses, and hypothermia from the freezing of the ground.

Thousands of people were left in unhygienic conditions, as organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) could not provide suitable flooring due to financial reasons. With the ’emergency floor’ project, where Scott Austin Key and Sam Brisendine are working non-stop so that these conditions do not cause more problems for people, they have solved the tents of refugees with the most universal and humane product on the planet.

Thanks to the project they developed, they produced floor pallets and aid packages consisting of life-saving medical supplies, food, blankets, and warm clothes, and provided them with the opportunity to live under suitable conditions for families in need by regularly delivering them to the camps. Using the modular ’emergency floor’ system, they physically supported each shelter and made it suitable for living in healthy conditions. USAID continues to help get the world’s most vulnerable people off the ground by making its ’emergency floor’ product accessible through its development innovation initiatives program.


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