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*** The photos of the product belong to the products sold, but due to light reflection and the device screens used, color / tone differences may be seen between the actual appearance of the product and the photo.

Personalized comfort strengthens your back and every detail adapts to your needs.

Things aren’t always in black and white, and there are times when you want to bring more color to the office. With our attractive covers, you can show your true colors and adapt your chair to your own personal style! The fast and easy way to bring color and personality to the office, customize your workplace – trend and workplaces to match your own mood.



High, slim, fully quilted backrest (57 cm), black, height-adjustable lumbar support (6 cm)
Seat height adjustment. 41 – 52 cm
Synchronous mechanism, lockable in 3 positions
Seat depth adjustment with sliding seat (5 cm)
Sturdy, attractive plastic base (Ø 69 cm)
Armrests adjustable in height (10 cm) and width (6 cm) with soft PU pads
Ergonomic upholstered seat, Focus cover fabric (black), 80,000 wear cycles
Tension adjustment (front) for approximate body weight. 45-125 kg
Load-dependent locking double castors (Ø 65 mm)

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