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Carpet tile prices are given per m2.
The most important factor affecting the prices is the yarn type.
Carpet tiles are 50×50 cm in size.
20 pieces of 50×50 cm carpet tiles are offered for sale in 1 package.
An area of ​​5 m2 can be covered with 1 package of carpet tiles.
Floor covering is made by sticking carpet tiles side by side.

Among the yarn types that affect prices, Polyamide stands out in terms of price performance. It is a material that is resistant to wear, flexible, resistant to the weight and movement of the furniture and at the same time can provide eye-catching colors. It is resistant to pilling, abrasion, dirt and moisture. Due to its structure that can hide stains and dirt, it is suitable for all kinds of usage areas with low or heavy traffic.

There is no discoloration in carpet tiles with the best performing polyamide (PA) yarn.

Polypropylene, which is cheaper than other yarn types, has much more dull colors compared to other carpets due to its resistance to dyeing.

As Ateco Zemin, our prices range from 7 Euros to 35 Euros. Our products are imported from Europe and produced in accordance with all certificates and conditions in international quality standards.

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