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Aluminum Baseboard prices are given per meter. There are different price ranges in accordance with the budget and need. The most affordable price options are aluminum-coated Baseboard , and there are also chrome-plated high-priced skirtings. Although the prices are slightly higher than the wooden material, the aesthetic appearance it adds to the space and its long-term durability against future impacts provide a price advantage.

Why Aluminum Baseboard

It provides a modern and aesthetic office environment when used with flooring such as parquet, carpet, ceramic, marble and granite. Aluminum Baseboard , also called Metal Baseboard , are made at the point where the wall meets the floor to prevent the lower parts of the walls from dirt and impact. It adds an aesthetic appearance to the space by covering the gaps and defective surfaces created by the floor covering. Aluminum Baseboard collects telephone, electricity and internet cables with the channel paths it contains, and organizes the messy and ugly appearance.


Aluminum Baseboard models; It varies such as aluminum surface, chrome surface, led light, leather covered, digitally printed surface. There are aluminum skirtings in heights of 6 – 10 cm and 8 – 12 cm in size. Choosing a Baseboard type suitable for the concept and decoration of the space completes the decoration and adds a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

Wish Aluminum Baseboard can be specially produced on the aluminum body, digital printing technology can be prepared by preparing the desired visual or logo design on plastic-based paper. With led lighting in offices, designs that reflect your corporate identity or special works can be made for children’s rooms in a home environment.

Aluminum Baseboard Applications


Application and assembly is easy. Installation of Lato aluminum Baseboard is done by screwing the rear fittings to the wall. The upper surface is locked to these connections and installed. It has special apparatus for corner turns.

On the Velo aluminum Baseboard , an application consisting of one piece is made. Velo metal Baseboard board profile is attached to the wall using adhesive tape or silicone. It has two different alternatives, 6 and 10 cm high.

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