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Crystal Aluminium Skirting Board

Crystal Aluminum skirting profile is a complementary material that provides a more aesthetic appearance of the space by applying it at the junction of the wall and the floor.

Crystal Aluminum skirting profile covers the faulty areas formed during the construction phase and protects the aesthetic appearance by making the place where it is applied look more elegant. Thanks to the channels in it, Crystal Aluminum skirting; It collects telephone, electricity and internet cables and closes the messy and ugly appearance. Thus, while transforming the area where it is applied into a more aesthetic appearance, it also acts as an aluminum cable channel. Crystal Aluminum skirting consists of two parts and is extremely easy to assemble.

Crystal Aluminum skirting profile provides integrity to all living spaces such as home, office, hotel, hospital, shopping mall with different color and surface options.

Colour options

Colour options

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