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Standard dimensions (cm)
Semicircle: 60 × 26, 56 × 17
Rectangular: 80 × 26
Color: Transparent

* Protects against scratches, damage and the appearance of water and drops

* Made of high quality Makrolon. It can be 100% recycled

* Durable and long service life

* High transparency

* In three different sizes and two different shapes

* Long life and high strength

* Corners broken for extra protection

* Textured surface


    Artlines Step Protector Mats

    Makrolon® is an innovative high-tech plastic used wherever quality and safety play a special role due to its exceptional properties.

    Makrolon® has outstanding impact resistance, breakage and scratch resistance, even after many years of use, and is also heat and weather resistant.

    To prevent the Floor Protection Mats from slipping, there is a non-slip coating on the lower layer. During the manufacturing process, this VAB® non-slip coating is thermally welded with the mat, thus allowing it to stand securely on any hard floor such as parquet, wooden floor, tile or stone. They stay in place perfectly without adhesion.

    Nature friendly

    The natural rubber and polycarbonate used in Artlines Floor Protector prevent the use of chemicals that have harmful effects on the environment and provide an excellent product quality.

    In addition, since it is 100% recyclable, it ensures the protection of resources by not returning to nature as waste.


    Since it is produced only from high quality materials such as polycarbonate or natural rubber, it does not pose a health risk. For mats made of PVC or vinyl, it requires a variety of chemical additives to give any shape to the hard and fragile material.


    The structured surface on the mat helps to stick to the floor without hindering the use of office chairs. The lower part of the mat, which is formed differently depending on the flooring type, provided more safety to the users.

    For example, a thermally welded VAB® anti-slip foil ensures the best adhesion of the guards to the floor without sticking. For carpets or rugs, the serrated surface at the bottom can grasp soft floor coverings without damaging them in any way.

    Floor Protector Mats are suitable even in extremely hot environments: they are highly resistant to fire and are not affected by cigarette ash.


    Floor Protection Mats, produced using polycarbonate and natural rubber, are completely unbreakable and extremely resistant to strong abrasives such as office chairs and UV rays.

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