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Commercial Office Rugs

Commercial office rugs are sold at a price per m2. Its application is extremely practical and it has a lot of color and pattern options on the floor surfaces.

Pile: The part that forms the carpet surface and that we see visually is called fluff.

Loop Pile: It is a type of carpet that consists of curls whose pile surface is not cut. (loop pile)

Cut Pile: It is a carpet texture with a surface consisting of cut pile threads. (cut pile)

Cut and Terry Towel Carpet: It consists of a combination of cut end pile yarns and curls. (Cut & Loop Pile)

What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are hygienic, odor, moisture and humidity free and easy to clean. For this reason, it is frequently used in offices. Antistatic, it does not transfer the electricity generated in the environment to the human body, it grounds the electricity in the human body.

Carpet tile is a type of carpet that consists of a combination of interlocking pieces and has a high quality yarn and base.

This type of carpet, also called office carpet or office carpet, is especially preferred in commercial offices and public buildings. Its practical application and having different pattern options are among the main reasons why it is preferred. It offers a stylish patterned surface on office floors.

Technical Specification Features in Carpet Tiles


It has features that stop vibration and vibration in floor sound insulation. It provides walking comfort with heeled shoes. Provides freedom of movement and sound insulation in offices.


With the Euroclass Bfl-s1 class, it is a feature obtained by chemical applied either directly to the yarn or added to the raw material during production in order to reduce the flame of the yarn. Provides compliance with fire standards.


Carpet tiles with a static control system produced with a special technology protect both individuals and office equipment. For this reason, carpet tiles have an important place in terms of providing sound control in working areas and increasing working efficiency.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CRI Plus, Leed Credit, CE Documents


Tile carpets in sizes such as 60×60 cm and 50 × 50 cm offer many different types and colors, including PVC-based and bitumen.

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