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LVT Floor Coverings are vinyl, also known as pvc coating, which is the second most used plastic in the world. Vinyl is produced by blending a number of natural and synthetic polymer materials.

Vinyl, a highly flexible material used in the form of tiles or sheets in LVT vinyl flooring; Due to its granite, concrete, ceramic and parquet appearance, it is a durable material preferred by many decorators and architects.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is a flooring material that is formed by combining different layers independent of each other with special production techniques.

Luxury Vinyl Tile; Compared to other coating options, it is a type of coating that stands out with its aesthetic aspect. It is also referred to as “LVT”. It is a plastic-based material produced from petrochemicals. LVT Floor Covering is the second most used vinyl floor covering in the world. This Vinyl flooring is made from natural and synthetic polymer materials.


Luxury Vinyl (LVT) floor coverings are a more innovative and aesthetic type of coating compared to other floor coverings. It has countless colors, patterns and varieties. It can maintain its color and unique appearance for years, even with routine maintenance. It is an advantageous floor covering that is non-slip, antistatic, non-asbestos, non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, non-flammable, provides heat insulation, healthy, solvent-free, sound-absorbing and does not require polish. Lvt vinyl, which is a very flexible material used in the form of tiles or sheets; It is a durable material preferred by many decorators and architects due to its carpet, granite, concrete, ceramic and parquet appearance.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles come in a wide range of designs. In this context, when you examine the design examples, the extremely stylish patterns you can choose for flooring will inspire you for your new living space. You can see that the “naturalness” element stands out in many design examples that you can find within the category. LVT designs also have options suitable for modern designs, in line with flooring systems trends.

Although LVT usage areas are quite wide, the installation process is also quite easy, which is another important reason for preference. It is especially common in commercial areas. In this direction; offices, shopping malls, hotels and various stores can be cited as the main application areas. The pre-impressions of the visitors in these areas about the relevant brand are seriously impressive. For this reason, when it is preferred in the right area, it directly affects the brand reputation positively.

Applications where naturalness and aesthetics are together are one of the most successful elements that reflect a modern decoration concept. For this reason, when you want to create a new space or you want to recreate your space, it is among the main flooring models we recommend to you.

It is also very successful in terms of performance. Luxury vinyl tile offers a very successful use feeling throughout its lifetime. It is a significant complement to the decorative arrangement of the preferred areas. It is also easy to clean with its completely hygienic material structure. You can contact our company to get information about product options and to get a price in line with the application areas. In this direction, our company is ready to answer any question you are curious about.

If you need excellent strength and a special design: Luxury vinyl tiles combine the functional properties of vinyl with the elegant appearance of natural wood, stone, metal, concrete or textile structures. This highly durable and low maintenance design range is available in different formats, from tile tiles to large plank floors. Luxury vinyl tile floors can give a very different feel to any room.

LVT, which has many advantages thanks to its layered structure, also becomes a much more preferred product compared to classical flooring materials with its wide range of colors and models.

LVT has numerous features such as depth, realism, durability, easy cleaning and practical application. LVT, which has many different uses from homes to hotel buildings, from airports to terminal buildings exposed to high usage, has become one of the most popular options for flooring today.

LVT, which is extremely durable, highly durable against burning and scratches and easy to clean, is also preferred by consumers in home use because it can be applied practically and offers different color and design options.

Visually similar to stone and wooden floors, but offering much more benefits than alternatives, LVT can also be produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to its usage areas.

Whether in standard parquet size or in the form of large-scale tiles, LVT can be easily applied thanks to ‘click’ and ‘sticking’ methods. LVT, which has a very long service life, is also an environmentally friendly product with its high recycling feature.

It is a Water Resistant FLOOR Coating

Wet and dry floors provide maximum durability in all areas thanks to special layers that increase water and moisture resistance.

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