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Ateco Flooring Materials, which works to create modern and healthy office spaces with innovative products that shape today’s office life, was founded in 2008 by Zafer Isık for the production of aluminum door mats.
Ateco Flooring serves its customers with different product groups, high brand quality and dynamic employees.
With ‘the Ground Materials Company of the Year Award’ received in 2019, the Company continues to grow with its new investments and brands and aims to expand its domestic growth on a global scale, keeping in mind the product quality and compliance with international standards.


In addition to the aluminum mat products that have been produced under the Artlines brand, Ateco also sells dehumidifying mats, raised floorings, carpet tiles, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), aluminum baseboards, office furnitures and ergonomic office products.
Holding over 300,000 m2 of stock in Istanbul central warehouses, Ateco Flooring stands out with its rapid solution suggestions for projects. ISG-certified expert staff in international standards also supports the implementation of projects.


With high-quality aluminum mats which are its own production and dehumidifier mats which are imported, makes Ateco Flooring the leader of the market and gives Ateco a grat chance to work with Turkey’s largest institutions, organizations and firms.
After a very short time with the certificate of conformity for the first time in Turkey will also TSA certified quality standards Artlines Aluminum mats, are produced and designed by trained personnel in an area of 1000 m2 and is being implemented.


Carpet tiles, which are one of the most preferred floor covering materials in recent years with their acoustic and antiallergic properties, stand out with their aesthetic styles and superior performances in busy office environments.
Ateco Flooring continues the representation Burmatex in Turkey since 2009, the UK’s leading manufacturer of carpet tiles and planks.
Ateco Flooring has started to produce tile carpets with its registered trademark Artlines at the beginning of 2019, in order to be able to take part in projects with innovative products and to meet the needs of customers completely.


LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is one of the most preferred floor coverings in offices, restaurants, hospitals and public areas with its abrasion resistant, flexible and hygienic features.
Ateco Flooring started the production with innovative, decorative and sustainable color and pattern options with its own brand ‘Artlines’ in addition to the international LVT brands that it imports.


The aluminum baseboards that Ateco Flooring sell make the place look more elegant and aesthetical, while it also acts as a cable channel, hides the cables used and protects the wall against impacts. It is complementary to the project designs in accordance with the identity of each place.


The raised floor system is one of the alternative floor coverings born with the increasing technology. Ateco Flooring Materials provides solutions to the companies with raised flooring systems that allow the arrangements of the spaces between the mechanical, electrical and ventilation systems such as cables and ducts as desired by creating a second floor surface on the concrete floor.


For every year Ateco Flooring has focused on continuing its growth with new designs and innovations, and now is preparing to bring a new breath to the market with the brand of Artlines Office Furniture, cooperating with the Turkish and world’s leading industrial designers.


Humanscale is the well known leading brand of ergonomic office furnitures and products that increase productivity in offices and respect the human health.
All ergonomic office solutions, such as self-adjusting work chairs, sit / stand operation units, single or multiple monitor arms and lighting fixtures, form Humanscale’s product range.
Headquartered in New York, the Humanscale Design Studio has been honored with more than 200 prestigious awards since 2004 and has been featured in various museums such as the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Humanscale products;

– “The use of chemicals in ‘the Red List ’ is ZERO.

– Products are Energy Star Certified.

– Uses mainly recycled materials.


Ateco Flooring believes in the importance of innovative and changing products in a liberating and changing work culture. Ateco is proud to be the only representative of Humanscale in Turkey.

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