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Carpet surface mats are preferred in 20 mm indoor aluminum mats produced by Artlines brand. They are designed, manufactured and applied in such a way that they can be placed perfectly by opening a 20 mm height space on the floor. For indoor spaces and covered building entrances, cassette brushes can be used as an alternative to a more frequently woven mat with solid carpet surface. PVC bottom wicks are used at the base to prevent sound and slipping.

By starting to use the interior door mats, a noticeable decrease of the dirt and dust rate in the building is provided. The aluminum mats that can be cleaned with broom and water, which do not require any special care and can be manufactured in special sizes.

Aluminum Body 20 mm
Indoor Mats

Artlines Premium İç Mekan Alüminyum Paspas


Aluminum Body
15 mm Indoor Mats

Aluminum Body 10 mm
Indoor Mats


Aluminum Body
Standard Size Mats

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