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What is the isolated mat?

The isolation mats, also known as the isolated mats or the isolated carpets, don’t allow any electricity transfer. They are manufactured from the rubber based material. They can be used even on the wet floors because they don’t hold water and make shrinking. The placement and implementation processes are very easy. They are very flexible and durable mats. It provides non-slipping features.

Isolation Mat Features

Isolated floor mats of different thicknesses provide to protect up to 50,000 volts (2mm thickness is up to 10.000 volts, 3mm thickness is up to 20.000 volts, 4 mm thickness is up to 30.000 volts, 5mm thickness is up to 40.000 volts). The width options of the mats are 50cm and 120cm. The mat’s technical specs are confirmed for the numbered of 6331 Job Security and Occupational Health legislation.