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Rain Aluminum skirting board is the most preferred skirting profile in the skirting group. It differs from standard skirting models with its ease of application and the value it adds to the area where it is applied.

Thanks to the wall fittings, Rain Aluminium skirting boards lock into the connection parts screwed to the wall, making assembly easier.

Rain Aluminium skirting  will be a striking detail in all living spaces.

Rain Aluminum skirting board will be a complementary part of your decoration by adapting to it with different color and surface options.

Rain Aluminum skirting board; while eliminating the accumulation of dirt on the edges and problems such as insects by providing hygiene; It does not break, crack or discolor like PVC Skirting, Lacquered skirting.

Rain Aluminum skirting board model, which has 8 cm and 12 cm height options, is also designed to hide your cables and can be used instead of aluminum cable duct, saving you from a second job.

Thanks to the skirting corner apparatus, Rain Aluminium skirting  eliminates the problems of turning inside and outside corners.

Colour options

Colour options

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