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Moisture absorbing and dust capture Dimensions mats have been produced with 100% polyamide quality for intensive pedestrian traffic. They are the best entrance mats with its features which have absorb moisture and clean the dirt up. The mat surface texture is formed of a strong combination the thick and soft yarns.

These mats are suitable for commercial facilities as well as medium and large scale buildings. They perform very well especially in heavily used entrance areas, stairs, pantries and lifts.

The combination of the powerful yarn and special design models make it the best of outdoor entrance mat for using to kept away the buildings from the moisture and dirt of the high-traffic areas.

s-FLX: The environment friendly alternative that is easy install!

Dimensions mats have revolutionary s-FLX backing. This backing support provides 30% reduction in energy consumption and 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle. Installation is very easy because it is lighter and more flexible than PVC-backing mats. Also s-FLX support prevent changing the color of the floor under the mat in time.

Dimensions Mat Color Types

Dimensions Paspas Renk Çeşitleri

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