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Float Adjustable Table

The Float height adjustable desk removes the limitations of existing seating / work tables with an extraordinarily flexible height and weight range thanks to its innovative and special design. Ingeniously developed balancing mechanism allows the table to move smoothly between sitting height and standing, while meeting the ergonomic needs of 99% of users. • Float desk encourages employees to change regularly between sitting and standing positions throughout the working period for their health. • Simple one-handed weight adjustment immediately detects and adapts to changes in table weight. • Allows adjustment of up or down desktop computing with innovative security features. • With a clean aesthetic, the Float table legs complement the comfortable working environment by creating plenty of space under the work surface for the knees and feet. • Designed for a long, useful life, the Float height-adjustable table is made using minimal parts and manufacturing processes and is predominantly made of recyclable steel. Height adjustment can be made between 70-120 cm. It has a desktop weight carrying capacity of up to 60 kg. Suitable for 120-180 cm wide table top in different sizes. It is made of steel and aluminum. It is guaranteed for 5 years.

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