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A true design icon, the Freedom Desk Chair distinguishes itself from other desk chairs with its ergonomic features.

Designed by Niels Diffrient, the Freedom Chair automatically adjusts the user’s head, neck and lumbar support, eliminating the need for manual adjustment for each different user. In this way, users do not have to learn the seat settings or spend time on it.

It is a very suitable design especially for the new era dynamic office working principles such as Free-Desking / Clean-Desk / Agile Working, which do not have a desk reserved for the person.

The Freedom Headrest provides automatic locking in the reclining position thanks to its innovative weight-sensitive mechanism.
Its unique form has a timeless aesthetic and adapts to any office design.
The dynamic headrest shifts the head and neck in the same plane as the user leans back, ensuring a constant view of the screen.
The durable and automatic pivot backrest provides excellent lumbar support in forward leaning and reclining positions.
The user can effortlessly adjust the height of the synchronized armrests with one hand.
The unique armrest design, connected to the back support, moves with the user during all reclining positions.
The seat cushion is designed for long-lasting comfort.
It provides exceptional weight distribution and, especially thanks to the absence of a frame at the point of contact of the legs with the cushion, it does not put pressure on the legs, relieving blood circulation.
With its robust design, Freedom Headrest Work Chair is very durable and can be used for a long life.


The Freedom Headrest Work Chair features a dynamic, articulating headrest to support users’ head and neck as they recline. The headrest moves with the users’ neck and head, so they can change their posture without manual adjustment and without remaining in an uncomfortable position.


Freedom Headrest Work Chairs eliminate the need for traditional reclining mechanisms that are cumbersome and weigh 6.8 kilograms. Instead, it uses body weight and the laws of physics to perfectly and automatically adjust each user’s unique reclining support.


The body-friendly armrests of the Freedom Headrest Lounge Chairs move up and down with the user during recline for continuous comfort and support. Unlike other seat designs, the armrests of the Freedom Headrest Work Chairs are attached to the back of the seat to ensure synchronized use.



Upholstery: Vita Fabric
Components: Aluminum
Wheel:Standard Wheel

Seat Width: 690 mm (27.25″)
Cushion Width: 635 mm (25″)
Height: 510 mm (20″)
Weight: 17 kg (38 lbs) with armrest / 15.5 kg (34 lbs) without armrest
User Weight : 136 Kg. / Max
User Height : 190 cm.


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