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HADRON / Burmatex

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Karo Halı, Ofis Halısı
Karo Halı, Ofis Halısı
Karo halı, rulo halı
Karo Halı, Rulo Halı, Ofis Halısı
Karo Halı, Ofis HAlısı
Karo Halı, Ofis HalısıKaro halı, rulo halıKaro Halı, Rulo Halı, Ofis HalısıKaro Halı, Ofis HAlısı

Hadron Carpet Tiles

Hadron Carpet Tiles is highly inspired by striking imagery of the hadron collider. Hyper-real bright bursts of colour, surround by dark space.

Each colour-way from the collection has the same neutral, dark grey base, making it easy to delineate areas without harsh lines and creating seamless transitions across a floor. A variety of highlight colours are used, from intense pops of colour to mid tones, neutrals and semi-darks.

The inclusion of texture on this carpet tile, in a subtle weft style pattern, enhances the dispersed nature of the colours.

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