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DNMM 11 & NHS 16

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Curly Mat

Curly mats are especially preferred for commercial offices, public buildings, wet floors in the edges of the pools, icy surfaces, where pedestrian traffic is high in the outdoors. Due to their special texture, these mats keep the dust, dirt and moisture coming by feet away from the working and life areas and reduce the cleaning costs.

  • Made of PVC. It is available in 11 mm and 16 mm thicknesses.
  • Non-slip backing that you can easily use at door entrances of commercial offices, homes and public buildings.
  • Especially preferred on wet surfaces, icy surfaces, pool edges and all kinds of slippery floor environments.
  • Roll Width Size(s): 120cm (without backing) and 90cm (without backing)
  • Roll Length Size: 6mt.

12 mm and 16 mm Local Manufacture Curly Mat

DNMM 11 Japan Curly Mat

DNHS 16 Japan Curly Mat

DNMM 11 Japon Kıvırcık Paspas

DNHS 16 Japon Kıvırcık Paspas

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