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    Pool Type Built-in Mat

    Pool type built-in mats should have a certain depth of pit in the ground. The mat is placed in this pool using aluminum profiles. It can be prepared in 10 mm and 20 mm thickness according to the floor with our Artlines and Slimlines mat brands we manufacture.

    A carpet surface is used indoors, and round brushes and rubber mats are used outdoors. It has a special structure to keep moisture and dirt coming from the feet. Aluminum scrapers can be used optionally to retain coarse dirt. Aluminum profiles and steel ropes connecting these profiles are used on the mat floor.

    It can be only with rubber and carpet strips, as well as round brushed mat alternatives.

    It is long-lasting due to the use of high quality aluminum profiles and steel ropes that connect this profile to each other.

    The mats we produce with our Artlines brand are easy to clean, and they are prepared in different designs for the spaces.

    Provides sound insulation and prevents slipping thanks to the wicks on the floor

    Pool Type Mat Floor Types

    Aluminum Body Rubber Mat

    Aluminum Body Imported Carpet Mat

    Aluminum Body Domestic Carpet Rubber Mat

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