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Performance you can count on long term in the moisture absorber doormats!.. Sahara Wave is an entrance mat designed for high-traffic areas in large and mid-size buildings.

  • entrances
  • stairwells
  • pantries
  • lifts
  • emergency exits

Where no outside mat is available, a mat such as the Sahara Wave is strongly recommended. This mat is good at both absorbing and releasing dirt. The Sahara Wave is also highly resistant to wear and tear, even under high, intense traffic. The Sahara Wave comes with Bfl-s1 backing, the highest standard in fire safety. Highly flame resistant, it releases little smoke, and is compliant with safety regulations. So it’s suitable for emergency exits.

Sahara Wave is an easy-clean mat, can be cleaned effectively with just a standard vacuum cleaner.

It is also eco-friendly: it is made from Econyl® polyamide, a recycled material.


Sahara Matting Color Options

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