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Seattable is a unique solution for multipurpose spaces. A single piece of furniture, Seattable can be transformed from chair to table and back again from table to chair in a split second, thanks to the separate handle on the back. All it takes is a single “flip”, giving you unparalleled flexibility to decide how many Seattable chairs there will be and how many tables there will be.

Any space can be effortlessly organized in minutes.

FLEXIBILITY Seattable allows for shorter set-up and breakdown times in your facilities. You no longer need to bring furniture in or take it out every time you rearrange a space.

SPACE SAVING The stacking capacity of Seattable’s lightweight and maneuverable trolley makes it easy to completely empty a room, freeing up space when needed.

Thanks to the ability to stack on top of each other, there is no need for special large storage areas for tables and chairs.

COMFORT The seats have clear lines with comfortable ergonomic forms. The large practical workspace and seat ensure comfort even during long periods of sitting. The body design allows the chair to comfortably approach the table, customizing the available workspace.

QUALITY Designed to the highest quality standards, Seattable is manufactured with particular attention to detail. It is quality and safety certified, meeting ANSI/BIFMA (USA), LGA (Germany) and JIS (Japan) standards.

VERSATILITY Seattable is available in multiple colors, finishes and upholstery options and is suitable for almost any environment such as universities, education, conferences, corporate buildings, libraries, museums, hotels, hospitals, etc.

CONFIGURATION It is the only solution where 12 Seattable desks and chairs can be converted into 24 auditorium seating chairs in just one minute, without the need for extra staff or additional furniture. It features durable and comfortable SantopreneTM armrests. Seattable has a 3-year warranty and its mechanism has been subjected to more than 20,000 tests.

The separate handle on the back ensures smooth and quick transformation.



Dimensions as chair: 61 x 65 x h 87 cm
Dimensions as a table: 61 x 68 x h 74 cm
Dimensions of the trolley max. for 12 chairs: 68 x 90 x h 151 cm

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