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The Symphony, the moisture absorbing and dirt-repellent mat, is the ideal for heavy use in the commercial zones, entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts, amongst others. Commercial buildings and medium-sized and large offices can benefit from the scraping and absorbing function of the Symphony on a daily basis.

Symphony mats have a flexible texture with polyamide yarns. The design of the velour mat is uniform and fits any interior.

s-FX: The environment friendly alternative that is easy install!

Symphony mats have revolutionary s-FLX backing. This backing support provides 30% reduction in energy consumption and 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle. Installation is very easy because it is lighter and more flexible than PVC-backing mats. Also s-FLX support prevents changing the color of the floor under the mat in time.

Symphony mats provide professional and practical solutions and implementations. It keeps the high-density traffic areas and entrances clean.

Symphony Mat Color Options

Symphony Paspas Renk Çeşitleri

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