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Abstract Taupe LVT

SIZE: 50 cm x 50 cm

WEAR LAYER: 0.70 mm


With one box of LVT: 3.00 M² of area can be covered.

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Artlines Glue Down vinyl flooring offers a beautiful and durable floor that can be installed in almost any room. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful wood and tile designs and create your own unique floor patterns or even combine tile and wood designs for a beautiful effect. These Glue Down floors are 100% waterproof, easy to clean, soft to touch and also available in XXL sizes.
Artlines vinyl covers are available in different sizes. Some high traffic areas benefit from a higher abrasion resistance top layer.
The products are available in different sizes and degrees of hardness.

Why choose Artlines GlueDown vinyl flooring?

30% lighter than other Glue Down floor coverings
Artlines Glue Down flooring makes it 30% lighter than other system floors and provides easier handling during transportation and installation. The plates are light yet ultra strong.
Natural wood and tile look
If you love the warmth and cozy aspect of wood or you like the boldness and character of tiles. With Artlines (LVT) vinyl coverings, you can create your own unique floor pattern, or even combine tile and wood designs.
100% waterproof
Looking for a floor that can withstand wet and dirty shoes or paws (complimentary pets)? Or the kids turning your bathroom into a swimming pool? Then all of our vinyl floor plates are just what you need. As they are 100% waterproof, they are also ideal for installation in your bathroom and kitchen.
Easy cleaning
Glue Down (LVT) vinyl flooring requires very little maintenance. Thanks to the protective polyurethane varnish, the floor is easy to clean and is protected from daily wear and tear. All it needs is routine cleaning with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.
Feeling of comfort and warmth
Our vinyl floors represent comfort in its purest form. The floor is comfortable and warm underfoot for cold winter evenings.(LVT) Vinyl floors have good heat conductivity, making them an ideal match for underfloor heating.
XXL size;
One (LVT) vinyl plate size visually affects the spatial perception of the room and allows for a faster installation. (LVT) Vinyl floor coverings are therefore also available in XXL sizes.
100% recyclable
Artlines (LVT) vinyl flooring is made from recyclable and renewable material. It goes through a production process that requires less energy for production and lowers emissions to the environment. This makes the floor the perfect option for the world of tomorrow.

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