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Cinto Gray Chair

Cinto Chair, a stackable office chair; with its style, comfort and convenience, it breaks the number one bias in stacking chairs: Comfort

Like Humanscale’s ergonomic office chairs, the Cinto Chair is built to support the human body by minimizing pressure points and discomfort.

Developed at the Humanscale Design Studio, made up of designers and engineers around the world, Cinto first offers comfort. In addition to providing unrivaled support in a regular aesthetic, its lightweight recycled construction makes it effortless to transport and store the stackable chair. Thanks to its innovative ergonomic design and sliding backrest technology, Cinto supports the lower back of the user and offers automatic lumbar support unlike other stackable office chairs.


With a built-in handle, Cinto can be easily transported and stowed. Small offices can save space by stacking six freestanding Cinto chairs together or up to 15 with the optional Cinto Dolly.


The Cinto features an innovative backrest that automatically adjusts the back and lumbar support, as well as a design that uniquely distributes the user’s weight to reduce pressure points. Available in a range of colors, Cinto can be used comfortably in any residential or commercial interior.


Made from lightweight recyclable materials, Cinto’s design helps reduce shipping weight and create a smaller carbon footprint. Proven to be environmentally friendly, Cinto is certified by GREENGUARD and level® and contributes to valuable LEED credits.


Chair Width: 615mm (24.2 ‘)

Mattress Width: 505 mm (19.9 ‘)

Seat Height: 420mm (16.5 ‘)

Recline Range: Not Available

Seat Weight: 4 kg (9 lbs.) Without Armrest / 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) With Armrest

Stackable: up to 15 chairs

Parts: Gray Painted