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Matrix Plank Carpet

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Colour Options

Detailed Images

Why Plank Carpet?

Plank carpets are hygienic, do not cause moisture, moisture and odor, and are very easy to clean.

Plank carpets are antistatic, so they do not transfer the electricity generated in the space to the human body.

Plank carpets have a snap-on feature, Plank Carpet glue, which is applied very thinly to the floor, allows the carpet to be easily removed in case of any deformation or cleaning need instead of completely adhering and can be applied again without applying an additional adhesive. This feature does not cause any lift in daily use.


Plank carpet, by definition, is a type of carpet that consists of a combination of interlocking parts, with high quality yarn and a base.

This type of carpet, also known as office carpet or office carpet, is especially preferred in commercial areas and on the floors of public buildings. It is practical to apply and having different pattern options is among the primary reasons to be preferred. It offers a stylish patterned surface on office floors.

You can find dozens of different patterns and types of Plank Carpet within Artlines. Among these models, artlines, burmatex, flotex are among our main Plank carpet models. Self-patterned Plank Carpet, striped Plank Carpet, flat Plank Carpet are among our varieties.

Plank carpet is among the most preferred products for flooring and flooring.

How to Clean Plank Carpet?

Plank Carpets can be cleaned with a daily vacuum cleaner according to usage.

Since Plank Carpet glue is water-based, water should not come into contact with the adhesive.

According to the usage, detailed cleaning can be done in 3-6-12 months.

Plank Carpet Prices

In addition to purchasing our Plank Carpets online, you can get special offers for your projects by contacting our sales team for your special projects. Thanks to our stocked products, we offer many different alternative price options to our customers regarding Plank Carpet prices (office carpet prices).

Our affordable Plank Carpet models are also made of very high quality materials.

The prices on our online sales site are 1 m² price. Plank Carpets are sold in boxes of 2.5 m² (1 box contains 2.5 m² / 10 plank carpets of 25×100 cm). For this reason, the amount increases by 2.5 and 2.5 (2.5 m²) during the purchase.

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