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Burmatex Surface carpet tiles are a 100% nylon textured carpet tile model used in all commercial interior projects. When surface carpet tiles are laid flat, they add depth to the spaces they are used.

Color Options

*** The photos of the product belong to the products sold, but due to light reflection and the device screens used, color / tone differences may be seen between the actual appearance of the product and the photo.


Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Yarn Type: 100% PA
Base Type: Bitumen
Stitch Height: 3.6 mm ± 10%
Total Height: 6.0 mm ± 10%
Stitch Weight: 550 g/m² ± 10%
Total Weight: 4200 g/m² ± 10%
Flame Retardancy: Euroclass Bfl-s1
Dyeing Type: 100% SD Self-Dyed
Weaving Type: Tufted Machine Gauge 1/10G
Colorfastness: 10 Year Warranty AATCC 16-04.Grade 4
Antistatic Property: ≤ 2Kv
Performance Rating: BS EN 1307 – Heavy Traffic Class 33


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