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Tandem presents a gentle, organic design with a textured effect and enduring, high performance (class 33) finish.

Offering a natural palette, in a combination of solution dyed and space dyed nylon, tandem carpet tiles flow across large and small spaces, both individually and alongside other burmatex® ranges.

Color Options

*** The photos of the product belong to the products sold, but due to light reflection and the device screens used, color / tone differences may be seen between the actual appearance of the product and the photo.


Yarn Type: 100% PA
Product Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm
Yarn Weight: 620 gr/m² ±10
Total Weight: 4370 g/m² ±10
Yarn Height: 3.5 mm ±10
Total Height: 6.0 mm ±10
Yarn Quantity/m²: 235,800/m²
Base Type: Accummen 75% Recycled
Class of Use: BS EN 1307 – Heavy Traffic Class 33
Fire Class: Euroclass Bfl-s1
Antistatic Property: ≤2 Kv
Sound Absorption Value: BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010 20dB


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